The Songs 4 A Cause Initiative

s4ac-logo-320Leverage the power of music!

Songs 4 a Cause is a Musicians for a Cause initiative to unite the music community with the nonprofit community to inspire support through the power of music.

We provide cause-inspired soundtracks help with two of the main challenges nonprofits face: awareness and funding.

These soundtracks are free for nonprofits to use in creating campaigns for their organization. It’s our way of helping to make the world a better place. But our campaigns are only successful when organizations use them to inspire their community of supporters. So join a campaign and together we’ll make a better world through music!

Benefits of using music:

  • Top-of-Mind Awareness – Songs bring your organization to mind every time your supporters hear them.
  • Engaging Social Media Content – Gives supporters songs they’re bound to appreciate because of their affinity for your cause.
  • Promotes Sharing – Music gives people a reason to share your organization with others.
  • Financial support – Music gives people a new way to support your organization.
  • Easy Way to Engage First Time Donors – It gives every new visitor a reason to engage with your organization.
  • Incremental Contributions – Many people who wouldn’t otherwise donate will gladly buy songs to offer support.
  • Great Opportunity for a Full Campaign – It’s more than just a soundtrack for your cause. Set a goal and engage your supporters in sharing your songs.

Here’s how it works:

1. We have a national network of artists who want to make a difference with their music and they’ve all written songs inspired by causes that have touched their lives.

2. We use the best songs from these artists to create cause-inspired soundtracks.

3. We enable organizations to sell these soundtracks through a web store, using music to inspire support for their cause.

Any organization can use a soundtrack either for a specific campaign or for on-going use on their website or Facebook page. We provide a custom web-based store that’s as simple to use as adding a YouTube video. Read more…

DaveB-lgA message from Dave Bastien, Founder of Musicians for a Cause:

I’ve created lots of successful campaigns in the business world, but none that made me feel like I was doing something rewarding. Then one day I decided that I wanted my work (life!) to have more meaning, so instead of creating campaigns for the company I worked for, I decided to create campaigns for causes I care about.

Through volunteering I realized that it’s very easy to get emotionally absorbed in all the need. I wanted to help everyone at whatever cost. I sincerely appreciate the dedication of those who work on the front line of any cause, day after day, but I realized that my place is in helping them by doing what I do best – creating campaigns.

That’s how Musicians for a Cause came to be. By leveraging my background in technology and my passion for music I bring artists and nonprofits together to create campaigns that leverage the power of music to inspire support. I hope you’ll join me in using music to make the world a better place!


Dave Bastien
Founder, Musicians for a Cause