Boston Strong

Songs to Inspire Hope, Resilience and Compassion



The meaning of BOSTON STRONG is personal to each of us, but when overcoming adversity there are over-arching themes of hope, resilience and compassion. This compilation of music embodies that spirit to inspire each of us to find the strength to make the best of all that happens in life.

These songs were selected from thousands of submissions around the world because of the specific sentiment they convey on ways tragedy affects our lives.

You can help us use music to support those impacted by this tragedy by sharing these songs with your family and friends, and 100% of the profit will be donated to the One Fund Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, which was set up to provide on-going support. You can buy songs below and you can also get them on iTunes.

Remembering_the_victims_of_the_Marathon_Bombing-Copley_Square-webWe offer our sincerest thanks to all the artists who contributed to this compilation. Please read more about the artists and show them your support.

A special thanks also goes out to Begin with Yes author Paul Boynton for lending several songs from his project to support this campaign.

Help support those affected by this tragedy!

NOTE: You can also preview & download the lyrics and notes.



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