“Music can change the world because it can change people” ~ Bono

DaveB-lgNo, Bono isn’t part of this campaign, but I sincerely admire his amazing humanitarian efforts. He truly is a model for all artists to follow when it comes to using their talent and influence to create a better world. 

Let me tell you how Musicians for a Cause came to be…

One day I volunteered to review grant requests for my company’s foundation. There were over 100 applications – all very worthy organizations – and I couldn’t imagine how we could get it down to 5, but that was our task. We had 25 come in to do presentations, and I was so moved by the passion they all had for their causes that I started volunteering for some of them.

I met so many people who sacrificed successful careers to follow their passion, and it wasn’t long before I decided that I needed to do something more meaningful with my life too. Music – songwriting in particular – had always been my passion, and I always believed in the power of music to inspire action.

I decided to combine my skills in technology with my passion for music and create Musicians for a Cause. Since I started Musicians for a Cause I’ve been incredibly inspired by the generous support of artists who either offer their songs for use in campaigns, or work with us to write custom songs for a specific cause. It wasn’t long before I realized that the music community, like the nonprofit community, is full of talented, caring people who are following their passion, and Musicians for a Cause is lucky enough to be at the intersection where those passionate groups meet.

Let me say that following your passion is not always an easy thing to do, but it certainly is the most rewarding, so after years of building a career by creating successful campaigns for companies I worked for, I now have a life creating campaigns for causes I care about.

But all the campaigns we create mean nothing without the nonprofit community taking them to their supporters. If we’re going to change the world through music, we have to work together, so I hope you’ll join me – and all the wonderful artists who really care – in using music to make the world a better place by joining a campaign!  

NOTE: Musicians for a Cause is not currently accepting new campaign requests. 

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