Autism & Developmental Disabilities

“As a girl I would dream of flying, now I’m living in fear of dying, ’cause that kid at me knee is depending on me and I’m holding his heart in my hands.” From “So it Goes” by Susan Levine

another sappy photoThese songs were created to bring compassion and awareness to the issues faced by families affected by developmental disabilities, including autism.

Several of the songs were created through a storyboard session with a group of 15 parents from the New Hampshire Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders and five songwriters. Parents shared stories of what it’s like raising a child with a developmental disability, and through the conversations ideas for songs began to emerge.

There were lots of tears and laughter shared, and after the session the songwriters left with lots of notes and inspiration to begin creating songs. We know there are lots of websites with facts about developmental disabilities, so our goal was to use music to show its human perspective.

Additional songs were created in collaboration with NYSARC, America’s largest non-profit organization supporting people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Through stories shared by families and staff, songs were crafted to capture the perspectives of both parents and those with a developmental disability.

If you’re with a nonprofit that works to help people with autism and other developmental disabilities, you can get a web store just like the one below and use these songs to inspire support for your organization. There’s no cost to join the campaign. Get more details…

 Check out the wonderful artists who supported this campaign!


When no organization is promoting this page, the proceeds go toward supporting the on-going efforts of Musicians for a Cause. If there’s an organization you’d like to support, encourage them to join the campaign. They can be the beneficiary of the proceeds from this page for a specific duration or we can provide them with a custom music store for their website so they can receive the on-going proceeds from downloads. Our goal is to help as many organizations as possible and create a more caring and compassionate world through music.

Here are some videos created with songs from this campaign:

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