Life in the Years

“In the end, it’s not the years in a life that matter, but the life in the years.” ~ Abe Lincoln


img-article-traits-senior-caregiver-cropLife in the Years is a grassroots, music-based initiative to create more compassion and awareness for the issues faced by the elderly and to help those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

The elderly face lots of issues. Many become homebound, and as they lose their independence they need help with chores, errands and access to health care, etc. As they age they rely more and more on family and the community.

Loneliness is also a significant issue. With family that has moved away and friends that have died, many elderly don’t have opportunities to socialize and they become lonely, which can lead to depression.

Elderly depression is why those 65 and over have the highest suicide rate of any age group in the United States. Want to save a life? Visit your elderly family members and neighbors. Help them with chores and errands. Let them know that someone cares.

John Smith

John Smith – Singer/songwriter of From His Window, a beautiful song about Alzheimer’s disease inspired by his father

Alzheimer’s disease is also a significant concern for our elderly. As many as 5.1 million Americans may have Alzheimer’s. It affects not only our elderly, but also their families.

Our goal with this campaign is to create awareness and inspire compassion. We want these songs to help people understand the issues our elderly face and then do something to help, even if it’s as simple as buying a few downloads to support a community organizations that cares for seniors.

If you’re with a nonprofit that helps the elderly or supports those with Alzheimer’s disease, you can get a web store just like the one below and use these songs to inspire support for your organization. Join the campaign! Get more details…

The proceeds from this page go toward supporting the on-going efforts of Musicians for a Cause. If there’s a specific organization you’d like to support please encourage them to join the campaign. We’ll provide them with this music store for their website so they can receive the proceeds from downloads. Our goal is to help as many organizations as possible and create a more caring and compassionate world through music.
Thank you for supporting Musicians for a Cause!

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