Marriage Equality USA

Sample Campaign Storefront

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This is what the campaign store would look like for your organization. The store below can be added to your website and it’s as simple as adding a YouTube video. It can also be added to your Facebook page and appears as an extra tab.

Here’s some info on what the campaign is all about:

This is your store. You can customize the logo and message to your supporters:

What is the SHE4ME Campaign?

SHE 4 Marriage Equality (SHE4ME) began as a Public Service Announcement for Marriage Equality USA, directed by Nicole Conn, and set to the song “She”, written and performed by Jen Foster. It’s been expanded into an international awareness and fundraising campaign to unite organizations behind a single voice to say loud and clear that “LOVE IS LOVE!”

Who Can Participate?

Any organization promoting equality can join the campaign to engage their supporters in sharing the message that “Love is Love”.  You’ll also keep 40% of the proceeds from the purchase of downloads to help further your organization’s mission. Our goal is to enable everyone working toward equality to leverage the resources we’ve developed and join in the momentum being created by all those who participate.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply complete this form and we’ll create a custom store for your organization with your logo, name, and personal message to your supporters. We’ll send you simple instructions on how to add it to your website or your Facebook page and then you can start a campaign to invite your supporters to share the message and join the fight for marriage equality.

What Do I Get?

40% of the proceeds from the store will go to your organization. Also, in addition to buying the songs, when people check out they’ll be asked to make an additional donation. Everybody wins and and every penny goes toward supporting the fight for marriage equality. The more that join, the greater the momentum for all!


  1. Ability to leverage a national campaign – at no cost to you!
  2. Your organization retains 40% of the profit
  3. Spread the message that “Love is Love” and spark discussions that change hearts and minds around the world.