Meals on Wheels – About the Artists

These talented artists have all generously lent their voices to support this initiative. We encourage you to visit their websites and learn more about them. Here’s a bit of information on each artist as well a link to their website where you can find more information and support their music.

Brandon Lepere – “They All Have A Story To Tell”

BrandonLepere1As a teenager Brandon Lepere was voted Junior Male Vocalist of the Year by the National Country Music Association. Shortly after winning this prestigious award, Brandon took himself off of Nashville’s radar, until recently.

Although grateful for his early success Brandon says felt he felt a need to discover his own musical identity before pursuing a full fledged career. In 2008 Brandon returned on the scene, this time as a seasoned professional. After years of making his living playing the clubs and creating his own unique style, Brandon decided he was ready to share what he had been up to with some friends in Nashville. The results were immediate and positive.

He received an invitation to perform on CMT’s weekly program Billy Block’s Western Beat, followed by a showcase performance at The Cadillac Ranch on Broadway, in downtown Nashville. Brandon’s back up band for this show was a trio of studio aces known in the Nashville music scene as “The Three Kings” aka Jason Aldean’s studio and touring band. His next break came when “The Three Kings”, hearing something special in Brandon, offered to produce him. The result of that session can be heard on Brandon’s latest release and he’s been turning heads and winning hearts ever since.  Visit artist’s website…

Minnie Murphy – “Everybody’s Mother”

MinnieMurphyEveryone in the music industry is looking for an artist with the X Factor. This is our Holy Grail. We’re looking for something more than the ability to just sing notes perfectly, someone whose music transcends craft and speaks to us in a guttural sense.

The X Factor is what makes an artist appeal to us on a personal level – it’s that indistinguishable, unquantifiable property that some artists, no matter how talented, will never have. From others it simply overflows. Minnie Murphy is one of the others.

Sassy and sultry, when she sings she bleeds emotion, and listening to her croon out a jazz-infused “Tennessee Tango” is nothing short of a stirring experience. This is an artist who deserves to be heard over the chatter and rumbling of the rest of the newcomers.” … Jim Malec – Music Critic. Visit artist’s website…

Vance Gilbert – “More Than A Meal”

VanceGilbertVance Gilbert burst onto the singer/songwriter scene in the early 90’s when buzz started spreading in the folk clubs of Boston about an ex-multicultural arts teacher who was knocking ’em dead at open mics.

Once word got to New York about this Philadelphia-area born and raised performer, Shawn Colvin invited Gilbert to be a special guest on her Fat City tour.

Gilbert took audiences across the country by storm. “With the voice of an angel, the wit of a devil, and the guitar playing of a god, it was enough to earn him that rarity: an encore for an opener”.

Finishing a year and a half as support for George Carlin is the most recent chapter in Gilbert’s varied and successful performance history. Visit artist’s website…

Susan Van Ham – “It’s Hard To Cry”

(When You Eat A Piece Of Chocolate)

SusanVanHamSusan is an active supporter of Musicians for a Cause and lends her talents to support a variety of causes.

She co-wrote this song, which is a true story about Irene, an elderly woman living in rural New Hampshire who is home bound and lives on Social Security. The morning after a 15 inch snow storm she saw Irene shoveling her driveway and stopped to help. Irene hadn’t eaten in 3 days so she called Meals On Wheels and wanted to clear a path for them to get to her door.

Irene is very lonely and was gracious enough to share her feelings to inspire this song. Her Meals On Wheels volunteer is the only person she sees regularly. When she told her story about her “crying candy” (a little jar of chocolates) it made us cry so she gave us all chocolates.